The Tuckahoe Garden Club Endowment

Donations and Gifts

 2019 YTD


It is these donations and gifts that promise a bright future for the Tuckahoe Garden Club.  We thank all members that help to seed our future and preserve our past. These monies help support our Club Projects and Special Gifts, in our local and state communities and throughout the Nation.  These gifts preserve who we are and what we want to represent, and for this, and to all our membership, we are eternally grateful!

Freddie Gray - In honor of Sue Thompson and Abbie Wharton

Ann Ramsey - Donation

Lena Scott - Donation

Cabell West - In honor of Peyton Wells

Susan Ewing - In honor of Peyton Wells

Mollie Reinhart - In honor of her proposer Freddie Gray and her endorsers Martha Moore and Jennifer Sisk

Tricia Sauer - In honor of Betty Jenkins and all past Club Presidents

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