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A Conservation Conversation With

Cabell West 

Cabell answers all of our questions about Conservation Legislative Advocacy in her fun and engaging way, making a dry topic interesting! We discussed her experiences as an advocate, what has changed over the years, and how to get involved.


All About Advocacy

What Is Advocacy and Why Does It Matter? (click here)

Who Are My State Legislators?

Who Are My Congressional Legislators?

Understanding Your Legislator (click here)

  • Research Your State Legislator

  • Research your US Congress Legislators 

How to Advocate Effectively, Efficiently and Follow Up (click here)

  • Advocacy tips: Specific, Knowledgeable, Flexible

  • How to Contact Your Legislators

  • Tips on the Many Ways to Advocate

  • Ways to stay in touch

I'm just a bill.

Yes, I'm only a bill.

And I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill.

Well, it's a long, long journey to the capital city.

It's a long, long wait while I'm sitting in committee.

But I know I'll be a law someday - 


At least I hope and pray that I will.

But, today I am still just a bill.


Understanding The Legislative Process

Navigating the General Assembly (click here)

  • Brief Overview of the Lawmaking Process

  • Advocacy During the Process of a Bill becoming a Law

  • Understanding Committees and Bill Actions

  • How to Track a Bill

  • Virginia’s Budget Process Explained

Navigating the US Congress  (click here)

  • How A Federal Bill Becomes a Law


How to Track Proposed Legislation (click here)

  • How to Follow a Proposed Bill

  • What We’re Watching Chart Overview and link(s) 

Garden Club of Virginia Conservation



  • Background on VCN

  • Definition of Lobby Day

  • Affiliation with Virginia Forever

  • GCV Position Papers

  • Special GCV Project for This Year

Garden Club of America Conservation





  • Conservation Committee Purpose

  • NAL Committee Purpose

  • History of NAL

  • 2021 NAL Info 

  • ConWatch Publication

  • Bipartisanship statement 


GCA Advocacy Tips (click here) 

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