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2023 Historic Garden Week Information

Ladies of the Tuckahoe Garden Club,

Below is a link to SignupGenius for 2023 Historic Garden Week assignments. Please refresh the sign up before viewing so you are seeing the most recent SignUpGenius data.

Also, please find job descriptions for Transportation Hostess GuidelinesHostess Guidelines, and Flower Arranger Guidelines here. Be prepared by reviewing your assignment! 

Thank you,


Overview of the Richmond Tours



Known as America’s largest open house, GCV and its member clubs coordinate an annual, week-long home and garden tour throughout the Commonwealth in April. 

  • In this the 90th year of the tour, there will be 30 tours statewide. 

  • Here in Richmond, our 4 GCV clubs sponsor 2 tours (on Tuesday and Thursday) and partner with the Historic Richmond Foundation (HRF) to facilitate a 3rd RVA tour (Wednesday).


  • The funds raised from this beloved event are used to restore and preserve many of Virginia’s most iconic historic public gardens and landscapes, numbering close to 50.

  • Also, the money raised funds a research fellowship program in landscape architecture whereby two significant gardens are documented each year.   

  • Historic sites in Richmond that have benefited from this work include Lewis Ginter, Maymont, Poe Museum, Executive Mansion, Wilton, St. John’s Mews and the Kent Valentine House.


Us!  The four Richmond GCV clubs (Tuckahoe, Three Chopt, James River and Boxwood) manage these annual tours together. HRF manages the Wednesday tour.

  • Each club chairs the Richmond tour every fourth year.  2023 is Tuckahoe’s turn!!

  • Each of the other three Clubs fill important roles on the Steering Committee by chairing certain designated committees, all on a rotating basis.  

  • All Active members of the 4 Clubs work together during Garden Week to manage our tours by volunteering as Hostesses, Flower Arrangers, or other important Volunteer jobs.  As members of the Garden Club of Virginia, this is our most important duty and one we should be proud of!  Garden Week is, no doubt, a busy and demanding week, but is fun and a great learning experience for us all.  

  • The Garden Club of Virginia employs two full time staff members devoted to management of HGW.  Their support and duties are many and we work very closely with them to run our tours each year.  They are primarily involved in the production of the Guidebook, Advertising Sales, Ticket management and state-wide social media.


The members of the Steering committee do the detailed planning of the Richmond tours and follow in the very capable footsteps of those who have come before them.  The Committees (and TGC ’23 members) are as follows:

  • Guidebook & Brochure –  (Rose Marie, Anne P & Renee)

  • Treasurer – (Katherine S)

  • Marketing & Social Media / Tour Promotion – (Chris S and Caroline M)

  • Transportation & Logistics 

  • Hospitality  (Renee M and Anastasia shadow)

  • Guidebook Ad Sales 

  • Volunteers/Hostess & Flowers (Chandler & Charlotte chair; Maria & Melinda - Club reps)

  • Procurement  (Frannie, Kathy, & Molly ’23) (Rita & Barrie ’24)

  • Sponsorships – Meredith + EVERYONE!, 757-348-7764

How does the money work?

  • The Statewide tour raised almost $650,000 in 2022, a record year!

  • GCV handles ticket sales, ad sales and the costs of the Guidebooks directly.

  • Our tour obtains Sponsorships and special event proceeds to fund our tour expenses.  These include the shuttle bus costs, local brochure printing, among many other items that we closely manage

  • We will need everyone’s help to generate sponsorship donations!   


Homes on Tour:

Tuesday 4/18

Barrie and Ted Edlich

6407 Roselawn Road

Liz and Henry Shield

6419 Roselawn Road

Mary Bacon & John Crowder

6300 Ridgeway Road

Kate and Kevin O'Hagan

25 Towana Road

HQ - Jepson Alumni Center @ University of Richmond

   Contact: Rick Glass

Thusday 4/20

Claire and Ted Cole

6339 Ridgeway Road

Sheila and Charles Macfarlane

6207 Three Chopt Road

Pooh Steele (Mrs. William T. Steele III) 

6329 Ridgeway Road

Sarah and Jimmy Wiley 

11 1/2 Tapoan Road

HQ - All Saints Episcopal Church

8787 River Road

   Contact:  Winston Hazlegrove, Parish Administrator

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