2022 Historic Garden Week Assignment

Dear TGC Ladies,

Great news, HGW Richmond is on for April 26 – 29, 2022!  Thanks to everyone who worked last year during Covid with its many challenges. The organizers of this year’s tour were able to learn from last year’s tour, and make 2022 safe for all again!  

In an earlier email, we shared the link for a brand new Sign Up Genius! Please look at your calendars and sign up for a suitable shift. Here is the link again:

Due date is January 26.

As you all know, this is the signature event for the Garden Club of Virginia and it is an amazing chance to welcome people from all over the state to Richmond.  Hostessing and flower arranging for these tours is an important responsibility for our club.  Plus, it will be a chance for us to work safely together after another crazy year!

Many thanks in advance for signing up on time!


Maria Reed & Chandler Klevana


2022 Historic Garden Week in Richmond


Tuesday April 26 

1236 Rothesay Circle

1215 Rothesay Circle 

1229 Rothesay Circle

900 Portland Place 

1206 Rothesay Circle

3811 Douglasdale Drive (The Quarry Club)

Additional Tours

1000 Old Locke Lane


Wednesday April 27

Historic Richmond, The Carillon 

2904 Rugby Road

2908 Rugby Road

3002 Rugby Road

3008 Rugby Road

3102 Bute Lane


Thursday April 28

4801 Pocahantas Avenue

210 Virginia Avenue

4706 Pocahantas Avenue

Additional Tour

1000 Old Locke Lane