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Conservation Chairs: 2 members (1 Board members) - Informs members of priority issues in conservation. Attends/zooms state and national conservation conferences.

Conservation Committee: 2-4 members. Support Conservation chairs with advocacy and fun club activities and meetings.

Flower Shows/Artistic Design/Horticulture/Photography

Flower Shows: 2 members - Participates and encourages engagement in GCA and GCV flower shows. Assists the President in filling all required entries for the Club at the GCA Zone VII Meeting, in the Fall, excluding horticulture. Encourage member participation.

Horticulture GCA: 2 members - Participates and encourages engagement in GCA horticulture f shows. Responsible for the horticulture entries for the Club at the GCA Zone VII Meeting, in the Fall and other GCA flower shows.

Horticulture GCV & Test Collections/Lily&Daffodil Bulb orders: 2 members - Responsible for preparing an exhibit for the President to take to the following GCV meetings: 1] In October, The Board of Governors Meeting, and 2] in May, The GCV Annual Meeting; and other GCV shows. Encourages members to submit Horticulture exhibits to shows.

KV House Flowers: 3 members - Provide floral arrangements for the Kent Valentine House based on the schedule provided by GCV, providing upkeep on these throughout the time.

TGC Artistic Exhibits: 2 members - Attend all membership meetings and assist with set up and placement of exhibits; write a schedule for two artistic classes per meeting; Secure judges for meetings.

TGC Horticulture Exhibits: 2 members - Attend all membership meetings and assist with set up and placement of horticulture; provide 3-5 horticulture classes per monthly meeting; secure judges for meetings.

TGC Photography Exhibits: 2 members - Attend all membership meetings and assist with set up and placement of entries; provide 2-3 photography classes per monthly meeting

Photographer: 1 member - Attends monthly meetings and other events to take pictures of programs and members to be used in newsletter and on website.


Community Projects and Long-term Planning: 2 members (1 Board) Develops, organizes and executes Individual Club or Joint Club projects that the Club can participate in, in the community, that fulfill the Club’s mission.

Holiday Sale and Workshop: 6 members (1 Board) Host the annual Holiday Sale of wreaths, greens and other items to support the philanthropic gifts of the Club.

Spring Sale: 5-7 members (1 Board) Host the annual Spring Sale of plants and other items to support the philanthropic gifts of the Club.

HGW Hostess/Arrangers and HGW Co-Chairs: 2 members - Assign active members to hostess and flower arranging shifts for HGW Richmond Tour and actively check on staffing during HGW.

GCA Visiting Gardens and Scholarship Rep: 1 member Communicate information from GCA about opportunities for garden trips and for arranging garden tours for GCA members in our area. Communicate information from GCA on available scholarship opportunities.

GCA Garden History and Design: 2 members - Document a local garden to submit to GCA archives, at The Smithsonian.


Club Membership: 3 members (1 Board member) Responsible for keeping track of all

membership records and keep working knowledge of all bylaws and procedures that pertain to membership. Manage new member proposals and voting. Welcome new members with an orientation.

Sustainer: 1 Sustainer member (Board) - Represents our Sustaining and Honorary members on the TGC Board, and assists with special Sustainer events and programs.

Nominating: 1 member (Board) Works with Nominating Committee to generate a slate of new officers for a Board and Membership vote.


2nd VP: Compiles the Yearbook and is the GCV and GCA Database Chairs

Communications Director: (Nominated, Board) - Handles all club correspondence including club-wide emails, Board emails, distributing newsletters, invitations, membership information, and other communication. Manages google drive where member contact information is kept.

Recording Secretary: (Nominated, Board) - Records minutes from all meetings, track meeting attendance.

Newsletter: 1 member (Board) - Publishes the monthly newsletter using XXX program.

Website: 1 member (Board) - Manages the website and makes any changes to the information on the site based on member input.


1st VP: (Nominated, Board) Oversees the financial operations of the club and supports the President

Treasurer: (Nominated, Board) Handles all money transactions for the club and oversees all activities in the checking, savings and endowment accounts. Supports fundraisers through processing transactions. Collects dues and files tax documents. Quickbooks and Numbers experience helpful.

Assistant Treasurer: 1 member (Endowment Treasurer, Board) Oversee the Endowment assets, working with Davenport on investment strategy.

Gifts 3 members (1 Board) - As Gifts Chairman you and your Committee are responsible for collecting gift ideas from the membership September - December for the proposal of the next annual years gifts.

Club Operations

President (Nominated, Board)

Governance: 2 (1 Board) Reviews By-laws for corrections and changes.

GCA Rep: (Board) - Be the conduit for all GCA programing and conferences.

GCV Rep: (Board) - Be the conduit for all GVA programing and conferences.

Programs: 4 members (1 Board) Works with President and Treasurer to develop Monthly Meeting programs. Supports planning and execution of such programs at each meeting.

Hospitality: 2 members (1 Board) - Finds locations for all of the planned monthly meetings. Provides a schedule of hostesses who can provide refreshments for the monthly meetings, and assists in the execution of monthly hostessing duties.

Awards 1 member: Works with President to track points for Club level awards and nominations for GCV and GCA Awards.

Historian 1 member/1 sustainer - Work on archiving important history of Tuckahoe Garden Club.


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