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Conservation is a large issue. We created this section to put our arms around the topic and make it easy to incorporate into our daily lives. We hope to guide and inspire you, learning with you and from you, on our conservation journey together.

~ Jill and Ellen

Conservation Homepage

Conservation Advocacy

Launches in February


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Conservation Advocacy 

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Legislation comes from ideas. 

Advocacy is the promotion of ideas into laws. 

When you advocate for the environment, you are trying to persuade members of the Virginia legislature or the US House of Representatives or Senate to pass legislation favorable to our collective conservation goals. Sometimes, you will advocate to defeat or repeal legislation unfavorable to our cause. 

It's that simple. 


Healthy Yard  Healthy Planet

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What makes a healthy yard or garden?


How does doing your part to achieve a healthy yard make for a healthy planet?


In this section you will learn about:

  • Taking the Healthy Yard Pledge

  • Native Plants and Pollinators

  • Composting

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